Normagrup Tech Center Opening

Normagrup Tech Center Opening

Normagrup inaugurated its new NTC building, Normagrup Tech Center, on 30th October in Parque Tecnológico de Asturias as a bet on innovation and technology. This is a 6,000 sq.metres building where more than half of the space is devoted to laboratories, R&D Department and theory of lighting applicated to real life.

Normagrup is a 100% Spanish Holding with more than 40 years of expertise in design, manufacturing and production of its own solutions which have enabled the Company to become a leader in any sector where it is present.

The Asturian Holding has more than 170 employees and subsidiary Companies in UK, Netherlands and Mexico. Its Trademarks are well known nationally (42% of the market share in Spain) and worldwide (presence in more than 50 Countries).

  • NormaLux · Emergency ligthing.
  • NormaLit · Technical and Architectural Lighting.
  • Normadet · Fire Detection Systems.
  • NorClinic · Technical Systems for Hospitals.

Normagrup has three more buildings in Parque Tecnológico de Asturias where it manufactures all the products in its catalogue.

The will to design innovative and highly technological products, demanding, with quality and with a high functional appeal is in the DNA of the Holding. Only those who can control all the design and productive processes will be able to offer products according to the aforementioned features. This is the reason why in Normagrup there is a control from the design office until the packaging of the final product. Normagrup has its own state of the art laboratory, injection plastic and steel plants, electronics production, totally automated assembly lines...

The new building, where 3 million euros have been invested has been born with the idea of becoming a European milestone in the study and development of new technologies in lighting that will improve people’s health. This is why it contains real recreations of different spaces or rooms where the negative effects of a bad illumination against a good one are assessed. This space is also used as a Training Centre in the Theory of Lighting and increase awareness on its effects.